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Final Leg

Posted by May 23rd, 2012 in Allgemein

We are on the Final straight of our Renovations. And although 7 Days turned out to be a little tight calculated concidering the Fun we are having, we are proud to say, that we should be having regular Days ahead soon. Check the Clip – we are all eager and down to get Shit done ASAP. In the meanwhile, come by & skate for we are open and it’s only half Price at the Moment too. Stay tuned here, for more News…

Your ‘To do List’

Posted by May 9th, 2012 in Allgemein

1. Click on Cradle Events
2. Grab your Calender, Notebook, Scrap Paper, Handy or what ever
3. Maybe you need a pen too
4. Mark the Event Dates BOLD
5. Be stoked and count the Days
6. Realize that Shit is gonna go down at least once a Month
7. Be stoked again
8. Grab your Skateboard and get off the Couch

10 Years Cradle Skatepark – A review of 2011

Posted by May 8th, 2012 in Allgemein

Shortly we will be officially kicking off the 2012 Season. After the extremely rad and really well run Summer last year, the Cradle Skatepark management but also the Locals around the Wasted Youth Cradle Pirates are highly motivated and ready for more! Here just a short recap of what went down last Summer.

Our annual Kick Off was celebrated on the 1st of May under the Motto: “10 Years and rollin’. Visual Enjoyment right here for you and don’t forget, sometimes Skatebaording doesn’t involve Skateboarding…

On August 14th we had a big Birthday Party for the 10 year Anniversary of our…

Bowl tuning 2012

Posted by May 7th, 2012 in Allgemein

Good and bad News

We want to stick to our Word and therefore we will be closing the Bowl for 7 Days straight, starting Tuesday 8th of May. During this period the Entrance Fee is halved of course, for only half the Park is open. Duh! But the reason is good: We are re-varnishing the entire Bowl from A to Z. And the crowning end of it will be the coating by new paint. Everyone knows what that means: Speed is back, fast as fuck, and also the Mileage of Pants should go up this Summer Season!

But not only that,…

Skatepark Opening – 1st of May 2012

Posted by May 7th, 2012 in Allgemein

The Time of the Year has come again, where Skaters all over central Europe, slowly but surely, start crawling out from under their Stones and Winter Hide outs. We want to use that opportunity to Kick off the 2012 Skate Season. This Year we will be kicking off with two BBQ Night Sessions! And of course our annual “Open Doors Day” on the 1st of May. As usual with Coffee and Cake ‘n Beers, what else…