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At the Creatures of the Night Team Battle, double-teams were fighting for the most points! 8 Teams got down battling the 4-obstacle-tournament through the whole Cradle Skatepark. The incredible slaughter at highest Skateboard-level was held at the pirate-ship, the pyramide, the Watergap and of course the Bowl! Throughout the night, it was a sensational show with uncountable massive tricks and trick-combinations, which it is not possible to put all in words and pics!

Team “Demon” alias Ralf Edlinger & Roman Erhart were dominating the pirate-ship doing stylish follow-lines, technical highlevel-jumps crossing over the ship and solid slides (fs-Blunt-, Lip-, Board-) over the whole length!

The pyramide was ruled by the “Toxic hookers” Stefan Moser & Thomas Reiter as well as by Freddy Krüger aka David Margreiter & Robert Klausner, representing Team “Cardinal Nagl”. Transitions, fs-Crailslides, Handplants in the Funbox, fs-50-roll-in, fs-270 over the corner Hardflip over the pyramide, switch Hardflip-Hip and all together and in combinations, Awesome!

Fabian Müller & Michael Hofmeister alias Team “Squaze” could not be overlooked at the third stop, the Watergap! Their Kickflip and bs-180-melon follow-line in massive airtime and super solid landing was a blast! Also Team “Cardinal Nagl” performed strong with a Hardflip and fs-180- Combo.

The final Bowl-session was in sign of exceptional conditions on high Skateboard-Level. Mayhem!! The existing teams got more competitors from the two late-arriving riders Matthias Trobos & Patrick Freitag. Although they had no outlook for the overall-judging, those two were rocking the Bowl with legendary speed and air time, coming up with a laidback-Boardslide under a fs-Air! Yes Sir! Also the „Toxic hooker-“Team was an eyecatcher because of being on board nonstop, doing tricks on fire, permanently. Crailslide-revert at the deepend, bs-180 over the hip, bs-Air over the Dreamland-Gap, 360 over the transition! Oh yeah!

As the Cradle is their home, they know how to have fun throughout the whole Skatepark: the “Toxic hookers” Stefan Moser & Thomas Reiter were deserved chosen to be the Overall-winners of the Creatures of the Night Team Battle! Congratulations!

The Cradle Team really enjoyed the numerous painted Creatures of the Night which were posing for the group-picture before partying hard to Rotten-Trash-Electro-Beats made by Wasteboys Inc. & Ntazilla. Thx Dj´s! Thanks Lea Neuhauser for the pictures! And to end it up with words by Simon Fliri, the host of the evening: What a Session, what a Night, applause for the riders and thanks for coming!


1. Team „Toxic hookers“: Stefan Moser & Thomas Reiter

2. Team „Demon“: Ralf Edlinger & Roman Erhart

3. Team „Squaze“: Fabian Müller & Michael Hofmeister

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