Bowl tuning 2012

Posted by May 7th, 2012 in Allgemein

Good and bad News

We want to stick to our Word and therefore we will be closing the Bowl for 7 Days straight, starting Tuesday 8th of May. During this period the Entrance Fee is halved of course, for only half the Park is open. Duh! But the reason is good: We are re-varnishing the entire Bowl from A to Z. And the crowning end of it will be the coating by new paint. Everyone knows what that means: Speed is back, fast as fuck, and also the Mileage of Pants should go up this Summer Season!

But not only that, we have been busy the past 4 Days doing some concrete and repositioning. In this case only the Foundation for our new Container Lounge. This one is now on his proper Spot and the entire Street Park is skateable again. Also the Foundation Block for our new BBQ Area in the middle of the green Chill Zone is done. Stay tuned for more…

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