Inside the Park

The Cradle Skatepark basically divides itself in three major Areas. Here a little Park Round Up.
The Moment you set Foot in to the Cradle Skatepark, you find yourself right within the Mayhem of the Street Area. The Highlights here are surely the concrete Pyramid and the new Center Piece from Monster Energy. Stairs, adjustable Rails, Wood and Concrete Ledges, China Banks and Manual Pads just to name some.

Next to our little DIY concrete Spots we also have two massive banks which have just been re-done, but still will be replaced by something new and challenging. What exactly, you will see, so stay tuned!

Also the Gloryfy Water Gap over the Pond, flying right by our Tree Hut, assures wet Decks, a good laugh, and rad Shots, year by year again.

After you have put your Deck in the Sun to dry and have checked out the little Park Kiosk, it is time to chill the fuck out. Just good enough that we have a Lounge and a massive Green Area that is just screaming to be hung out on / in. Wanna BBQ? Sure! Wanna take a nap in the Grass? Sure! Maybe you even get lucky and the Hammock in the Tree is not taken…

Finally the Deck has dried up and you can go hit the Heart of the Park, the Cradle. But be aware. Rules often differ up here compared to the rest of the Park. Might wanna check it out first, watch the Locals and their Lines and if you feeling it, feel free to join the harsh but rad sessions. So you think you ready?! – Drop in. You might wanna start in the Shallow End before hitting the Deep End with it’s full Vert. A massive Hip with a Bank Landing just as massive, connects the Deep with the Shallow End. To say it in Mark ‘Red’ Scotts Words: On this Hip you can send it to the Sky! – we can only agree on this. And Last but surely not least, you can cruise past the Vulcano straight in to the Channel that leads in to the Worlds first Cradle. No room for mistakes and without a possibility of last exit it is only commitment and dedication that will get you thru the Cradle alive.

Best is to just come and check out one of the Worlds Best Concrete Skateparks for yourself! Tony Trujillo, Dave Duncan and Brian Patch, to Name Drop a few, have said it before – This Park is no Joke!

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